Joel McCray offers a list of services, and he has been a music industry professional for over 30 years.

Live Performances (instrumental or with vocals)

  1. Solo Performance
  2. Combo (Piano & Horn)
  3. Trio (Piano, Bass, & Drums)
  4. Full Rhythm Sections (Piano, Bass, Drums, Horn, Keys, & Guitar)

Music Lessons
Joel offers a unique 5 step system that will train composers, arrangers, songwriters how to write
and perform their original material.  The lessons will provide "instruction, examples/imitation/ & 
evaluation in the following areas.

  1. Scale Theory
  2. Intervals
  3. Chord Theory
  4. Progressions, extensive exposure to progression usage in various styles
  5. Arrangements & Compositions

Intermediate Voice, Bass, Drum & Guitar Lessons

Production (Live & Studio)


Speaking Engagements - Joel McCray is a certified John Maxwell Team Member.  His highly energetic, informative, and humorous speaking style will have you laughing, pondering, dreaming, and preparing plans to produce inspired ideas.  His passion, through his speeches, is to see others Discover, Develop, and Deliver their dreams in order to be a blessings to others.